An Ecotricity van in front of a field of turbines

What a year – crazy energy prices and the start of a global recession.

But we had stuff in the pipeline from previous years of hard work and it came good in 2008. We built 21 new windmills during the year, almost doubling our fleet of green generators, and spending a record amount of our customers’ bills on mills.

It was a huge achievement, and really upped the green wind energy in our mix. We also started our attempts to break the land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle (with Greenbird), and began work on our electric supercar, the Nemesis.

Total windmills installed:51
MW installed (this year):20
Total capacity to date:52.3
Homes powered (equiv):40,982
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:31,921
Homes supplied year end:33,032

Progress report

For more details on what we did this year, download our 2008 Progress Report.