Ecotricity History - 2006

The turbines at the Michelin plant, Dundee

Big in the two areas that matter most. The number of homes we supplied grew by a pretty staggering 10,000, meaning we were now powering nearly 23,000 homes with our Green Electricity. And we built a further eight windmills. Six more at our existing site in Lincolnshire, bringing the total at this one farm to 16 – and two more turbines as part of our Merchant Wind Power scheme (our fifth now) – this time in Dundee, powering Michelin’s tire factory.

So that’s Diesel engines for Ford and tyres for Michelin (not to forget cold storage for Sainsbury’s and offices for the Pru) now made using wind power. We thought that was pretty good progress.

For more details on what we did you can download our 2006 Progress Report (PDF, 1.66 MB) in PDF format.

Total windmills installed: 18
MW Installed (this year): 8
Total capacity to date: 17
Homes powered (equiv): 9,110
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 14,770
Homes Supplied Year end: 23,267

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