Ecotricity History - 2001

A wind turbine at Sainsbury's at East Kilbride

Sainsbury’s joined the Green Energy revolution way (way) before any other supermarket – we built them their very own on-site turbine at their distribution depot in East Kilbride, Scotland. This was the UK’s very first fully commercial windmill because we sold the power to them without a premium and we built the windmill without a subsidy.

This was the first of our Merchant Wind Power projects, an innovative model that brings wind energy direct to big users, in a logical extension of our Embedded Supply model - now widely replicated – not least by us. Find out more about Merchant Wind Power.

Total windmills installed: 3
MW Installed (this year): 0
Total capacity to date: 3
Homes powered (equiv): 1,637
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 2,654
Homes Supplied Year end: 1

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