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Ecotricity History - 1999

This was the year that the Ecotech centre in Norfolk opened, an environmental visitor centre dedicated to educating people about the problems we face and the ways in which we can solve them.

Our special contribution to this exciting venture was the UK’s first ever multi MW windmill, in the back garden. Standing at 70m tall it was probably twice the height of the typical turbine of its day and three times the power output.

On top of that (literally) we asked Sir Norman Foster to design us a viewing platform, which he did, and we opened the windmill to people to climb. It’s an amazing experience and was the first windmill in the world open to the public to climb.

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Total windmills installed: 1

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Total capacity to date: 0

Homes powered (equiv): 262

Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.: 425

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