Dale Vince stands in front of the wind turbine at Lynch Knoll

Dale jumped on a plane with a couple of friends and headed to the city of Kyoto, Japan in December 1997 to take part in the United Nations Convention for Climate Change.

The idea was to lobby anyone that would listen on the merits of wind energy and the role it had to play in combating climate change. The Kyoto Protocol – the first legally binding agreement for industrialized countries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gas - was the outcome of that historic convention.

A couple of days later Dale went to an electric vehicle show, also in Kyoto – which must have been one of the world’s first – and tried unsuccessfully to buy an early EV from Toyota (an electric RAV 4). 13 years or so later Ecotricity would launch its own electric (wind powered) supercar – The Nemesis. The wheel would turn full circle.

Total windmills installed:1
MW installed (this year):0
Total capacity to date:0.5
Homes powered (equiv):348
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:274
Homes supplied year end:Not yet