A newspaper clipping of Dale Vince standing in front of the turbine at Lynch Knoll

Ecotricity delivered Green Electricity to its first customer on the 1st of April 1996 when we began to supply the Cheltenham and Gloucester College with electricity from landfill gas, made just outside Gloucester. Green Electricity was born that day and our local supply model (Embedded Supply) first undertaken.

But five years before this, the work to build our first windmill had commenced. Wind energy was a very new concept back then, and many people had trouble understanding or believing in it and as a consequence our first windmill was a truly epic battle – pretty much against all comers. 

But eventually - on Friday 13th December 1996 - in the first of many truly magic moments in the history of Ecotricity, we finished building our first ever windmill. And it’s been turning ever since.

Total windmills installed:1
MW installed (this year):0.5
Total capacity to date:0.5
Homes powered (equiv):348
Tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.:274
Homes supplied year end:Not yet