It’s not easy being green – it takes a lot of work!

Our Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) accreditation is the reward for all that hard work.

EMAS is the gold standard for business environmental management.

We were awarded EMAS in 2010 – and we’re still the only energy company in the world to have the accreditation across all of its operations.

EMAS is not about how green our electricity is - that’s taken care of in our Fuel Mix statistics. It’s about the greenness of everything else we do – what goes on behind the scenes, from selecting a site for a new wind farm to the running of our offices.

We look at the impact that everything we do has on the environment – and we make it as green as can be.

It’s a bit like food miles – it’s not just the impact of the product itself, it’s the process it goes through as it’s delivered.

We’re probably the only energy company in the world that actually knows the carbon cost per customer of our operations.

Our seventh EMAS report

Our aim is to eventually become a zero carbon organisation, and our seventh EMAS report gives us a clear picture of the progress we’ve made and what else we need to do to achieve our goal. 

Overall, we reduced our carbon footprint by 2.5% in 2016!

Here are some of the things we’ve done to achieve that. 


By the end of 2016, we’d installed another 48 electricity pumps on our Electric Highway, bringing us to a grand total of 276 chargers up and down the country – enabling our staff, and electric car drivers up and down the country, to drive completely emissions free! 

We also installed a pump for staff at another of our Stroud offices – so any EV drivers at Ecotricity can charge up while they’re at work!

Every year, we also carry out a Sustainable Transport Fortnight, encouraging staff to walk, cycle, take public transport, or car share to work. 


Waste management

We already recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and cans, but as a result of EMAS we now compost food waste from our Stroud offices, and we’ve reduced the rate of rubbish we send to landfill too. We’ve also started donating old IT equipment to charity for refurbishment and reuse. 


In 2016 our staff volunteered with a number of charities on wildlife habitat enhancement schemes, including Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Stroud Valleys Project, National Trust and Butterfly Conservation.

Use of land

We planted a wildflower mix outside one of our offices in Stroud last year – containing 19 species of wildflower and grass! This has created habitats for bees and other pollinating insects.


Getting the message out!

We don’t just do our thing in isolation, we try to get as many people to join us in our work, and encourage others to live more sustainably too. 

To get the message out, we sponsored a stage at WOMAD festival for the fourth year running last year, and hosted two debates – the Big Green Chat and the Young Green Briton Chat - as well as running a children’s vegan cookery workshop!

We also gave Ecotricity staff the opportunity to volunteer at one of 16 different charities focussing on energy, transport, food and nature. In total, 171 members of staff took part in the volunteering programme in 2016.


Our 2016 environmental targets

  • We achieved some pretty exciting targets last year!
  • We submitted planning permission for two new solar farms – at Fen Farm in Lincolnshire and Dalby in Leicester.
  • ‌We installed new windmills at H+H Pollington and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn – plus we started work on our new wind farm at Alveston in Gloucestershire, which is due to be completed by the end of 2017.
  • We launched a brand new LED range from Ecotopia, our online eco-shop (now closed), which will help reduce resource consumption.
  • We installed bat detectors at the RSPB windmill in Bedfordshire to monitor bat activity over the summer.

Our previous reports

For more detail you can read the most recent 2016 report.

If you'd like to find out more about our past environmental performance, please have a look at our Environmental Statements from 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012: