Ecotricity Offices

Just like a stick of rock, if you snapped Ecotricity in half you’d see we’re green all the way through. Our offices are no different –  landmarks in our hometown of Stroud, they’re just about as eco as they can be. 

We’ve got four buildings in the centre of Stroud – Unicorn House, Lion House, Imperial House and New Axiom House. We’ve made significant improvements to the first two, and we’ve got big ideas for Imperial and Axiom too. 

That’s the short term – and we’ve got a radical plan for further expansion too. It’s called Eco Park – and you can read all about it  here

Our Ecotricity Offices

We’ve completely refurbished a 1970’s block of concrete and turned it into a place of beauty.

Unicorn House

Another fab refurb – from ugly duckling to eco swan.

Imperial House

Our flagship building – and a gateway to Stroud.

Lion House

Room to expand;  New Axiom House is coming soon.

New Axiom House