The Urbine

There's plenty of wind, in built up areas and other places that don’t suit a full-sized or conventional windmill.

To harness this wind we came up with the Urbine concept – our urban wind turbine.

The Urbine is what's known as a 'vertical axis turbine' – instead of having blades on one side that rotate like the hands of a clock (for example) and face the direction of the wind like a conventional  (old school) windmill, vertical axis windmills rotate around their tower and the blades catch the wind, whatever direction it comes from.

There’s a certain elegance in the look of these vertical axis machines – there’s also an elegance in their engineering and their interaction with the wind. That’s what attracted us.

We're excited about what the Urbine could achieve. Capturing the power of the wind, in places where larger and more conventional machines won't work, is an essential part of the future and an essential part of an Energy Independent Britain. We'll keep you posted as work on the Urbine progresses.

Urbine moves from the drawing board to a working prototype.

We installed Urbine at our Lynch Knoll site in January 2013 to undergo rigourous testing. It’s one big step on the way to the finished article.

Read our press release.