Britain's greenest energy company

Being Britain’s greenest energy company isn’t just about the obvious stuff, like our 100% renewable electricity and our green gas. We go further than any other UK energy supplier to make sure everything we do is building a greener Britain.

Fighting climate change

Ecotricity has always led the way in fighting climate change:

Now we’re building on the work of Extinction Rebellion by declaring a climate emergency.

Our founder, Dale Vince has worked with Forest Green Rovers to help them achieve United Nations certification, for being the world’s first carbon neutral football club.

Our next challenge is to ensure that Ecotricity is totally carbon neutral by 2025.

What makes us the greenest?

100% green electricity

The electricity we supply comes from 100% renewable energy sources. We use the money from our customers’ bills to build wind turbines and solar parks – so around 25% of the green electricity we supply is actually made by us too!

You can find out more about our green electricity here.

Green gas

We plan to grow the percentage of green gas we supply by building our green gasmills. These let us make green gas from grass – which means we can put 100% green gas back into the Grid.

Our gas is also carbon neutral, which means we offset any emissions created by our gasmills by investing in carbon reduction schemes. You can find out more about our green gas here.

Carbon footprint

We produce an Environmental Report every year to track the impact of everything we do, and set goals to continually reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re the only energy company in the world that reports the carbon emissions of our entire operation. It means we know the carbon emissions of everything that goes into supplying green energy to our customers - and we have the lowest carbon cost per customer in the UK.

From planning, building and running our energy mills, to the operation of our offices – everything we do is green.

Vegan energy

We’re the only energy company in the UK to be recognised by The Vegan Society for our vegan energy. We’ve made sure that everything that goes into making our green electricity and gas is free from animal by-products.

You can find out more about our vegan energy supply here.

Last updated: 18 September 2019

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