Our Tariffs

We offer just one simple tariff for electricity and one for gas and these are both dedicated to building new sources of green energy – put them together for the ultimate green dual fuel.

Green Electricity

One simple tariff for all our customers – 100% Green Electricity – cheaper for many than the in-region standard electricity tariff of the Big Five.

That's not all. We'll turn your energy bills into windmills too. On average, over the last 10 years, we've spent more per customer on building new sources of green electricity than any other supplier (we provide all the data you need at  www.whichgreen.org).

Our special discount for electric car owners:

With this discount you can power your home and car using 100% Green Electricity and get the equivalent of 1,000 free miles of electricity each year.
To benefit from this discount you have to drive an electric or plug-in hybrid car, and provide us with a copy of your vehicle log book (V5) or lease documents.

Find out more about our electric car discount.

Electric car discount
Green Gas

Green Gas – for many slightly cheaper than the standard tariff from British Gas, including their £15 dual fuel discount.

Even at two and a half per cent green it's still the greenest gas in the country. And just as we turn Green Electricity bills into windmills – we're going to turn Green Gas bills into gasmills.

In the meantime our Green Gas tariff is Frack Free – we’ll never source any of our gas from shale. That's a promise.

Have a smart meter?

If you already have a smart meter it’s possible that you may lose the “smart” functionality for the time being. Don’t worry it’ll still work as a meter and you can switch your supply to Ecotricity.

Use a prepayment smart meter?

If you have a prepayment smart meter we will have difficulty supplying it. Don’t worry, we can exchange it for a non-smart prepayment meter free of charge. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange the exchange.

Find out more about Smart Meters on the  Consumer Futures website or give us a call on 08000 302 302.