Feed in Tariff

Microtricity is a simple idea. It’s about generating electricity on a micro scale – as micro as your home or small business. Once your equipment has been installed all you need to do is sign up to our Microtricity tariff and we'll take care of the rest, paying you for all the electricity you make – both the electricity you use yourself (in your home or business) and any excess that you ‘export’ to the grid.

It’s our own version of the Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme (FiTs).

But what are FiTs?

The Government introduced FiTs in April 2010 to encourage what they describe as small scale low-carbon electricity – basically small solar and wind systems, but also including a few other technologies. For most systems the amount you earn for the electricity you generate is guaranteed for at least 20 years and is tax-free.


Generate your own electricity at home or work in  four simple steps.

How To Get Started

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