Dump The Big Six

No one likes a break up. But we can make it easier, especially when it comes to dumping your Big Six energy supplier. 

We’re all fed up with their poor service, lack of commitment to the environment and over-complicated pricing. So we’ve put together a few minutes of fun for you to enjoy and share with your friends. 

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Dump the Big Six

Why dump the Big Six? Here’s three BIG reasons...


Unethical Pricing

  • The Big Six have over 400 tariffs between them and practice differential pricing. New and old customers get treated differently, you can never be sure if you're on the best deal.

Awful Customer Service

  • None of the Big Six have a complaints record to be proud of – they all come bottom of the heap in the recent Which? report.

Dire Investment In Green Energy

  • The Big Six spend as little as 1.2 pence per pound of customers bills to build new sources of green energy.

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