Britain's Greenest Energy

Green electricity is always going to be better for the environment than conventional electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear sources with their associated emissions and radioactive waste (which we still haven’t found a long term disposal solution for).

It’s this sort of electricity that The Big Six and most independent companies supply. But not all green electricity is equal- some sources of it have a lower impact than others.

Britain's Greenest Energy

As you can see from the table below the electricity we supply is the greenest of any company in Britain, by some way.

And since we’re the only company supplying green gas in Britain, we don’t need to do a lifecycle analysis to know that ours is the greenest. It’s currently 5% green, and that percentage will grow as we build our own Green Gas Mills – through our unique model, turning your bills into mills.

How we calculated Lifecycle Emissions.

Britain's Greenest Energy table


Last updated: January 2016


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