Check your connector and your user manual, but if you have a Nissan, Citroen, Mitsubishi or Peugeot then you’ll need to use our DC CHAdeMO chargers.

Here’s how...

1. Starting a charge session

  • First off, make sure your vehicle is fully switched off
    Connect to vehicle CHAdeMO
  • The electricity pump screen will show “welcome charge your vehicle
  • Then simply select the correct connector for your vehicle on screen
  • The screen will prompt you to place your swipe card in front of the reader – this is the black section below the screen with an image of a hand holding a swipe card
  • The screen will then say “connect your vehicle and validate
  • Now insert the connector into your vehicle by holding the grey handle and firmly pushing the connector into the socket. The black trigger on the underside will automatically lift up and then you can just slot it into the grey rectangular sleeve also found on the underside of the connector. The cable should now be firmly locked in place and should not release from the vehicle if pulled on
  • To start the charge, simply press the button below and to the right of the green tick
  • After checking your vehicle's dashboard (where applicable) to confirm charging is in progress, you are then able to leave your vehicle.

2. Ending a charge session

  • Once the charge has ended, “charge finished, put the connector back and validate” will be shown on screen
    Charge finished CHAdeMO
  • Locate the black trigger on the underside of the charge point, and the grey rectangular sleeve holding it
  • Pull the grey sleeve back (it’s on a spring) and once it’s all the way back, press the black button on top of the connector
  • There’s no need to touch the black trigger during this process – this will release automatically when the above procedure is followed.
  • If the connector does not release straight away, try gently squeezing on the black trigger or pulling on the grey ridged section at the base of the connector before trying again
  • Simply hang the charger backup and press the button below and to the right of the green tick.

The charger will automatically cut out on the majority of vehicles once an 80% charge level is reached. If you need to end your charge session before this, please do the following:

  • Select the corresponding button to “stop charging” shown on screen, ensuring that you press the button on the same side of the charge point as your connector
  • Hold your swipe card in front of the card reader when prompted (please note this needs to be the same card that started the charge session)
  • You can then disconnect your vehicle and hang the cable back up on the charge unit.

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