ecobond three

ecobonds are back for the third time - offering 6% interest for customers and 5.5% for everyone else.

Customers and the wider public can once again share in the financial benefits of the Green Energy Revolution.

With ecobonds, we cut out the middlemen, the bankers, who charge much more to borrowers than they pay to savers.

We also raise money to build new sources of Green Energy.

It's another great opportunity to join us in our work to change the way energy is made in Britain.

Cut Out The Middle Men

Dale's background on ecobonds and our plans for ecobond three.

A Word From Dale

Find out what an ecobond is, how it works and why we have them.

About Ecobond Three

Everything you need to know about all aspects of ecobond three.

Your Questions Answered

Download our ecobond three Invitation Document and make your application.

Invest In ecobond three Now

Take a look at our annual accounts and check out our assets.

Financial Performance

Invest in ecobond three now! It's EASY.


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